Dear Patients:

As we all cautiously celebrate being able to return to a more normal life in New Zealand the Practice moves to working in LEVEL 1. The front doors can finally re-open and you can come into the Practice freely.

There will be some residual changes to how we work to make sure we continue to protect you and our community. For those of you waiting in the waiting room for an appointment, we will ask you to complete a brief health questionnaire to identify any possible symptoms of concern.

If you have ANY cold or flu like symptoms please put on a mask as soon as you arrive. Below is a little more information so you know what to expect when you visit our Medical Centres:

  • Virtualisation
    During LEVEL 1 when you phone for an appointment, the Receptionist will ask if you would like a face to face or a phone consultation. The phone consultations have been great for many patients especially those having follow up appointments or simply replacing a routine medical review. They offer a more convenient option for many and will continue to be offered for a range of cases. In some instances we are also able to offer Zoom consultations for those who would benefit from a video consultation. The charge of phone and video consultations are the same as if you were coming into the Practice and include a script if this is needed.
  • Routine care
    In the future when managing your routine care, you can schedule some appointments face to face, and alternate appointments by phone consultation. This will save many from an unnecessary visit and wait in the Practice when it can be successfully managed by phone or video link.
  • Scripts and Referrals
    Scripts, labs and referrals will return to normal and you are welcome to come and collect your script from the medical centre. We now complete most Lab forms electronically but the GP will explain this to you during your appointment.
  • Screening on arrival at the clinic
    As we mentioned earlier, we still need to monitor for sickness, so whilst you are waiting for your appointment you will be asked to answer a list of simple questions, for example:
    • Do you have any cold or flu like symptoms?
    • Do you have a cough/sore throat or are you short of breath?
    • Do you have a high temperature?
    • Do you have any loss of smell?
    This information is important to avoid the spread of potentially contagious conditions such as Covid19, Influenza or the common cold so if you have any of these symptoms please let us know when you make your appointment and please put on a mask when you arrive.
  • Fluvax
    The flu vaccine is still available, so if you would like to be vaccinated please call the clinics to make an appointment. The cost of the vaccine (if you are not already eligible to receive it for medical reasons) is $36 for our enrolled patients and $50 for visitors.
  • Paying your account for virtual consultations
    For all using mobile phone numbers, your invoice will be sent to you via text after your appointment and posted for anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone. Our bank is Westpac and the account is 03 0481 0159636 00. You are also now welcome to come into the clinic and pay any outstanding accounts due.
  • Administration Fees
    The Practice waived all monthly $5.50 Administration account fees for March, April and May as we know it was difficult for many to pay by the options available. At the end of June we will need to put the $5.50 account fee back onto outstanding accounts, so please come and talk to us if you are having difficulty paying your account. It is simple and easy to set up an Automatic Payment for $5 per week with the bank and this is a great way to manage your own or your family's health account and avoid any scary surprises of the financial kind when you visit the doctors.
  • Paying your account
    We are trying to reduce the number of people attending the clinic to minimise the risk to others, so for all who can pay using internet banking we would be very grateful if you could do so. Your invoice will be sent to you via text after your appointment if you have a mobile phone, and posted for anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone. Our bank is Westpac and the account is 03 0481 0159636 00. For those retirees who are worried and don't use the internet, please don't be concerned about your account, we know that this is a difficult time but it's important that you look after yourselves and keep well and we will see you soon.

Thank you all
Finally we would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support. We really have been through this together, and you have all been amazingly patient, kind and understanding, working with us to adapt to the changes that we all needed to make to stamp out Covid 19 in New Zealand. Going forwards, we are delighted to welcome everyone back into the Medical Centres and look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes from us all,
Kawau Bay Health Practice Team

Snells Beach Medical Centre
Dalton Road, Snells Beach
Ph: 09 425 5055
Fax: 09 425 6602

Phone: 09 425 5055

Snells Beach Medical Centre - Dalton Road, Snells Beach
Phone: 09 425 5055 Fax: 09 425 6602