• Modern Facilities opened in 2010
  • Cornerstone tenant is the Warkworth Medical Centre, Warkworth's longest running medical practice
  • Other tenants are Labtests, Warkworth Medical Pharmacy, Milford Eye Clinic, Triton Hearing and Warkworth Physiotherapy
  • Prime corner location
  • Free parking underneath - accessable via lift, stairs or footpath

Kawau Bay Health Partnership owns and operates the Warkworth Medical Centre and the Snells Beach Medical Centre. It is also the owner and operator of the Kawau Bay Health Centre in central Warkworth.

Kawau Bay Health Centre is home to the Warkworth Medical Centre plus a range of health-related businesses including a pharmacy, laboratory, ophthalmologist, audiologist/hearing aid centre and physiotherapist and skin specialists.

Kawau Bay Health Partnership comprises Doctors Clinton Anderson, Kate Baddock, Steve Barker, Bruce Sutherland and Amy MacBeth. Kawau Bay Health Partnership also invites enquiries from trainees, doctors and specialists who are interested in working in Warkworth, an area that offers so much potential both professionally and recreationally.

Warkworth Medical Centre

Warkworth Medical Centre
11 Alnwick Street, Warkworth
Ph: 09 425 1199
Fax: 09 425 9232

Snells Beach Medical Centre
Dalton Road, Snells Beach
Ph: 09 425 5055
Fax: 09 425 6602

Phone: 09 425 1199

Kawau Bay Health Centre 11 Alnwick Street, Warkworth
Phone: 09 425 1199, Fax: 09 425 9232 admin@kawaubayhealth.co.nz