Dear Patients:

As the Practice moves to working in LEVEL 2 of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we need to make some additional changes to how we work to make sure we continue to protect you and our community. To do this safely, we will continue to ask the GP to phone you for a telephone consultation wherever this is possible in order to minimise the numbers of people waiting in the waiting rooms of each clinic.

  • Virtualisation
    During LEVEL 2, you can still phone for an appointment. The GP will telephone you and consult with you over the phone replacing face to face appointments, where possible, without compromising patient care. The charge will be as if you were coming into the Practice and include a script if this is needed.
  • Routine care
    Continuity of care is really important, so please treat the phone consultation as if you are face to face and share all relevant information with the GP so they can continue to treat you without bringing you into the Practice.
  • Scripts, Lab forms and Referrals
    Scripts and referrals will return to normal - however it is sensible to have your script faxed to save an unnecessary trip into the clinic. Normal faxed script charges will apply.
  • Screening on arrival at the clinic
    Everyone arriving at the clinic will be asked a series of simple questions:
    • Do you have any cold or flu like symptoms?
    • Do you have a cough/sore throat or are you short of breath?
    • Do you have a high temperature (it will be taken before you can enter)?
    • Do you have any loss of smell?
    This information is important to avoid the spread of potentially contagious conditions such as Covid19 or Influenza, so if you have any of these symptoms and need advice please call to make an appointment. The GP can consult with you and then refer you to a testing station to be tested for Covid 19 and provide advice about isolation and treatment.
  • Family Members
    To manage the number of people within the clinic we ask that you come on your own if possible or limit to one additional family member only so we can ensure everyone is socially distancing whilst in the clinic.
  • High Risk Patients
    Immunocompromised, pregnant, patients with complex health conditions and the over 70's should continue to be extra careful and avoid coming into the clinic if possible. Most health conditions can be managed by the GP over the phone and if they then need to see you, they will offer you an appointment in the clinic within 24 hours. There is only one appointment charge for this.
  • Fluvax
    The flu vaccine is available so if you are still wanting to be vaccinated please call the clinics to make an appointment. The vaccine is given to you in your car, so there is no need for you to come into the clinic and you will be given instructions when you call on where to park. The cost of the vaccine if you are not already eligible to receive it for medical reasons is $36 for our enrolled patients and $50 for visitors.
  • Paying your account
    We are trying to reduce the number of people attending the clinic to minimise the risk to others, so for all who can pay using internet banking we would be very grateful if you could do so. Your invoice will be sent to you via text after your appointment if you have a mobile phone, and posted for anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone. Our bank is Westpac and the account is 03 0481 0159636 00. For those retirees who are worried and don't use the internet, please don't be concerned about your account, we know that this is a difficult time but its important that you look after yourselves and keep well and we will see you soon.

If you are worried you might have Covid 19 and would like to be tested, please phone Healthline on 0800 3585453. If you are sick and need treatment you should contact the surgery for advice. You will have a phone consult with the GP and he will direct or refer you to a testing station to be tested. You must self isolate until you are given the result and further instructions.

The future is in your hands
Level 2 brings us to a crossroads. If we do not act with caution we could have further outbreaks and lose an important opportunity to help stamp out this virus and save lives, so please work with the Practice team to get through Level 2 in the best way we can and keep everyone safe and well.

Finally we would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support. We really appreciate your kind words, your thank-you cards and your fabulous baking. This is a wonderful community and together we can beat this.

We wish you all the best,
Kawau Bay Health Practice Team

Snells Beach Medical Centre
Dalton Road, Snells Beach
Ph: 09 425 5055
Fax: 09 425 6602

Phone: 09 425 5055

Snells Beach Medical Centre - Dalton Road, Snells Beach
Phone: 09 425 5055 Fax: 09 425 6602