Join a local walking Group

If you would like to get fit, or simply want to walk with a group of like minded individuals why dont you try one of the walking groups below.

Once you have selected a group, give the co-ordinator a call to make sure that its right for you.

Snells Beach Meanderers meet every Monday opposite Mahurangi Library at 9am for an hours walk. Lynne Melville is the contact for this group, on 09 425 4999. 

Ariki Walkers / Snells Beach have two groups. One meeting on the first Monday of the month at the Shopping Centre Snells Beach at 9am for a morning walk returning around 12 noon.  The second group meet every third Monday of the month, meeting at the same place and again at 9am but for a longer walk returning around 3pm. The contact for Ariki Walkers is Ivan Melville Telephone 09 425 4999.

Wednesday Walkers meet every Wednesday opposite the Mahurangi Library at 9am for an hours walk. Jenny Burton is the co-ordinator for the group. (no details provided so just go along on a Wednesday) 

Leigh Walkers vary the time and location of their walks, so give Anthea McKergow their co-ordintaor a call on 09 422 6219 for more information.  

Warkworth Medical Centre

Warkworth Medical Centre
11 Alnwick Street, Warkworth
Ph: 09 425 1199
Fax: 09 425 9232

Phone: 09 425 1199

Kawau Bay Health Centre 11 Alnwick Street, Warkworth
Phone: 09 425 1199, Fax: 09 425 9232