You will be required to pay for the services you have received on the day of your appointment, and in most cases this will be paid at Reception.  For those unable to pay whilst at the clinic, we offer the option for you to pay online, our Westpac Account number is  shown below.  Don't forget to write the name of the patient in as a reference so we know who's account you are paying.

Westpac Account Number    03 0481 0159636 00

An account fee of $5.50 will be added at the end of the month for any unpaid accounts so it is important to pay within the month for your care or if you have had a script.   If you have a problem paying your account, its important to speak to us early so we can help you to manage it before it escalates.   In many cases a small Automatic payment will help you to pay off your account and keep on top of future appointment fees.

For repeated non payment, Kawau Bay Health will employ the services of a debt collector to recover the debt and we reserve the right to dis-enrol any patient who refuses to address their debt. 


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Warkworth Medical Centre
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Kawau Bay Health Centre 11 Alnwick Street, Warkworth
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